"PANYC Peeps"

Episode Eight


  • Ed "GoGo" Lovelace – Founder of Phewsioneering

  • John Alfred – Celebrity Make Up artist, Project Runway 

  • J.C. Mungia - PANYC Salon

  • Paul Andrew Torres - PANYC Salon

  • Marylou Vasquez - PANYC Salon

  • Hassan Heyward- Filmmaker, Field Representative at Mayors Office of Film

  • Sedeck Jean – Songwriter CEO At All Hands on Deck ltd.


My great friends J.C. Mungia, Paul Andrew Torres, Marylou Vasquez of PANYC Salon discuss their relocation from Texas to NY and how they got their start in the business. John Alfred talks about his come up to Project Runway. Ed Lovelace talks transitioning from being a Olympian to the private sector. Hassan Heyward previews his new documentary. Artist Sedeck Jean talks about balancing fatherhood his music career.