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She Got me Past 96th Street. #Harlem

Have you ever stepped outside the house and walked with no destination in mind at all?

That was me this past weekend. After booking a babysitter I took an aimless stroll uptown on the Upper Westside of NYC.

By chance, my good friend and superstar plus size model, Ivana Fields happened to be in the same area!

She texted me just to say hi and turns out we were on the same street. My random stroll continued alongside her. I sure was racking up steps on that Moves App that day.

We made it to 96th street before running into my other good friend Ivonne who invited Ivana & myself to grab a drink/eatl at Lido’s Italian restaurant and bar.

The food was amazing and we had a good time. Kwame Bineau was our bartender for the evening. He is a nice guy and once we started talking we found out he is an international independent singer. Be on the lookout for him to bless the Abby Z Plus One Podcast.

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